What Your Typical Diet Is Doing To You

I hear this all the time: I can’t afford to eat “super-healthy” foods. Does it really make that big of a difference?

My usual reply: sure cheap white bread, big boxes of cereal and gallons of milk are pretty cheap but you’re going to pay for it later with your health.

The truth is that the average North American diet is a breeding ground for health issues and diseases.

I pulled this right from ajc.nutrition. org it states: In the United States, chronic illnesses and health problems either wholly or partially attributable to diet represent by far the most serious threat to public health:

-Sixty-five percent of adults aged ≥20 y in the United States are either overweight or obese
-More than 64 million Americans have one or more types of cardiovascular disease
-Fifty million Americans are hypertensive
-11 million have type 2 diabetes
-37 million adults maintain high-risk total cholesterol concentrations
-In postmenopausal women aged ≥50 y, 39.6% have osteopenia
-Cancer is the second leading cause of death (25% of all deaths) in the United States, and an estimated one-third of all cancer deaths are due to nutritional factors,
including obesity.

There is no mistaking, the average diet is truly detrimental.

Not to be a Debbie Downer but here are some more health issues linked to the typical North American diet: [Read more…]

Be Aware of Sneaky Liquid Calories (+recipes)

I call these calories sneaky because they don’t fill you up, you can gulp them down in just a few minutes and if you’re not careful they can quickly turn into an unwanted
increase in body fat.

From champagne to cocktails, hot cocoa to eggnog,  all of the classic winter/celebration drinks are filled with sugary fat-storage encouraging calories.

So first, here’s a trick that reduces these calories: Slow down your consumption by drinking a full glass of water in between each calorie-filled drink.

This technique allows you to enjoy the tasty drinks of the season while keeping you hydrated and reducing your liquid calories by 50%.

Next, lets go a step further and reduce the actual calories in a couple of those drinks.

I saw these great recipes on FB the other day for a healthy Hot Cocoa and a Skinny Eggnog.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything for a low-cal champagne :( [Read more…]

A Few More Food Pusher Comebacks

Seems like food pushers are everywhere.

I got a lot of feedback from the women in my Sacramento boot camp  on the subject of dealing with the passive aggressive types (food push #1). And today of all days food is going to be pushed on you, hard.

And if it’s in your plan to eat it; go ahead and indulge guilt free.

But if your plan includes saying no to some things then you will need to be prepared for how to deal with a few more types of food pushers. Here is some more help: [Read more…]

Dodge This Passive Aggressive Food Pusher

This time of year it seems that everyone turns into a food pusher.

You know what I’m talking about…
Here, taste these cookies. I got you this tower of chocolate for Christmas. Here’s a dish that you have to try…I made it myself!

And just try to politely say “No. Thank you”….
For most food pushers that just won’t do.

Girl refuse to eat cake. Isolated.

Especially when you get this passive aggressive push:

Food Push #1: “You are obsessed with dieting. Just take a break today.”

This is designed to instill some guilt in you about the decisions you are making to improve yourself.

Why people feel the need to control others or make themselves feel better by making you more like them is always baffling to me.

You would think that seeing how committed you are to your goals would motivate them to set some goals and achieve them as well. [Read more…]

Black Friday Survival Guide

istock-shopping-Silhouette-199x300  There is a good chance that you are reading this after you’re enjoyed a (huge) delicious meal with your family and before you get ready to head out to some can’t-miss-deal at your favorite store.

So since I have you as a captive audience for a bit I want give you a few tips so that you can survive tomorrows shopping “festivities” with as little damage to your waist-line as possible.

After all, I’ve been drilling into you the fact that you can’t outwork a bad diet so even though it’s ok to treat and splurge a bit. We gotta keep the main goal in mind. These tips will help. [Read more…]

Avoid Fat Spillover Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a big eating day for a lot of you. Tons of carb loaded dishes and sweet treats. I know some of that stuff you only eat just this one time each year.

The last few emails I’ve been talking about the fact that you can’t outwork a bad diet, and that is still 100% true. So am I here to tell you to not eat all that delicious food tomorrow? Nope. Lets be real, it’s happening.

I think it’s unrealistic to expect anyone to eat “perfectly” 100% of the time. [Read more…]

What You Need to Know About Pink Slime


Pink slime is not a theory or possibility; it’s a fact. There is a picture below that I’m sure you’ve seen. But read on to see how that comes about…..it’s not pretty and may change the way you see some of the foods you eat.

You as the consumer have a right to know the facts behind what goes into your body.

Maybe you figure that what you don’t know won’t hurt you, but once you know what pink slime actually is, you may think otherwise… [Read more…]

7 Ways To Crave Less Sugar

If I were to award a single food item with the title of ‘Fastest Way To Pack On The Pounds’, hands down the winner would be refined sugar.

And its no surprise that we are eating more and more of it. It’s crazy!

Back in 1822 the average person ate only 6.3 lbs of sugar per year, compared to 130 lbs of sugar in 2012. No wonder we are bigger than ever…

But even those of you that would not classify yourself as a “sweets eater” are in trouble cause refined sugar in some form is included in virtually EVERY SINGLE processed food.

So those seemingly healthy crackers…flip over the label you’ll find sugar. Salad dressing….sugar. You name it, sugar!

If you eat processed foods you are taking in more sugar than you think. This is yet another reason that it’s important to cut those processed and packaged convenience foods out of your diet.

Cutting sugar from your diet and detoxing in general is easier said than done.

Once it is a part of your daily diet, cravings strike, causing you to eat it even more frequently. But there is hope. [Read more…]

5 Detox Shakes (Recipes)

If you read my last email then you know that when I say “detox” I really mean filling your body with nature’s detoxifiers: water and green vegetables.21689-1_n-300x225

If you really want to start your eating off right then you’ll get a healthy shot of both water and vegetables in your first meal of the day (that does not have to be first thing in the morning).
Try these simple Green shakes that are water based and packed with dark green leafy vegetables.

I’ll be upfront and say that you may need to tweak the recipes a bit after you’ve made it the first time. But once you find your personal preference combo you’ll be adding these to your breakfast rotation on the regular.

Just be sure to avoid adding sugar or other processed items.
[Read more…]

The BEST Detox Plan

Back to school time is just about as popular as new years for getting a fresh start on your exercise and nutrition.

I keep seeing all kinds of juicing and “detox” post on facebook and I have to tell you that I am not a huge fan of the typical juice and detox plans I see floating around.

Most equal nothing more than a prolonged laxative effect. Meaning you feel “cleansed” but really it’s not TRULY cleaning you out.
[Read more…]