3 No Exercise Required Flatter Belly Tips


It’s the start of the weekend and hopefully you’ve got a good one planned.

If you’ve got plans, I know you really want to look good when are out and about. I mean let’s be honest, that’s one of the main reasons you endeavor to live a healthy fit lifestyle right? But what can you do to look better tomorrow?

While I will never be the one to promote quick fixes and fad methods when it comes to your fitness and fat loss problems, there are a few legitimate reasons that your tummy may be bigger than you like and some action steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Now I’m not talking about fat loss here, I’m taking about other factors that bloat your belly and make you feel less confident in clothes.

Here are a few reasons you may be carrying around an extra inch or two and simple ways to nix those inches fast (yes, even as fast as tomorrow).

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Why You’ve Plateaued (external factors)


Last week we talked a little about hitting that wall where nothing you do seems to make the scale budge in the direction you want it to. I listed some of the most common reasons why you may have hit this thing called a plateau, and how to identify if you actually have in fact hit a true plateau. If you need to come up to speed you can read that here: Are You Stuck At Your Weight? 


Ok, so now that you know what and why, let’s get to the ‘what to do about it’ part:

First, you need to look at that list and determine which one(s) apply to you. Today let’s talk about external factors in a plateau. That means things that you can’t always seemingly control (notice the word seemingly).

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Perseverance, Not Perfection Is the Key

Here it is the 3rd Monday of the new year already. Let’s take a minute to talk about your fitness goals for the new year, have you taken one step forward and two steps back, or two steps forward and one step back? (I’ll give you a sec to read that again…..)

Hopefully you said the latter cause that would mean that despite hitting a few roadblocks you are on your way to fulfilling your new fitness goals and can actually feel that you’re beginning to make a difference.



Even if you’ve only managed to stick to your new eating plan for 2 weeks then you had a “bad week”, or if you’ve already missed a week of workouts, get right back on track and take some steps forward. As you string success after success together you’ll find that you take more like 3 steps forward, one back. Then 5 steps forward, one back. You’re not going to get to the point where you never have a slip up because we are imperfect humans and it happens to the best of us. But continue to strive to do your best and before you know it, success will become a habit that you are eager to stick to again and again.

Here are some of my favorite quotes on the subject of perseverance:

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3 More Reasons People Fail

Yesterday I shared 5 reasons that people fail in any goal  and specifically weight loss.
I originally planned on listing  just the 5 reasons I gave you yesterday but there are three more that I think are probably the most important so I couldn’t leave them out and let you miss out on the “aha” moment I’m positive you’ll have after reading them.

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The 5 Biggest Obstacles for Busy Moms


I have had the pleasure of personally working with hundreds of busy moms over the course of my fitness career.

WORKOUT? There’s no time! I can’t even go to the bathroom!

I love working with mothers. They are the most selfless clients I have ever worked with, almost to a fault. Honestly, I wish they would just be a little more selfish sometimes because if they aren’t healthy, then their entire family will go downhill. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel better.

Many good mothers have a hard time when it comes to their fitness. In general, they tend to think that it’s okay to put all of their personal goals and desires aside as if they’re merely dust to be swept off the floor for the good of their friends and family. But in reality, moms are not as effective as they could be when deviating from a healthy lifestyle.

After all, a mom who doesn’t work out will not have the energy to keep her engine pumping 24/7.

Multi-Task Much?

In retrospect, I have identified the 5 anchors that hold most moms back from getting the sexier body they’ve dreamed about. Here they are, in no particular order:

– Too Many Missed Meals- Especially Breakfast!

Many moms work twenty four hours straight – dealing with the stresses of parenting and/or challenging careers. Mornings can be especially
difficult since most moms have to make breakfast for their children and husbands, drive their children to school, and even go to work themselves.

Set that alarm 5 minutes earlier and make it a point NEVER to miss breakfast!

So missing breakfast becomes a reality, often leading to a host of other missed meals and snacks throughout the day. This leads to depriving
yourself of a lean, toned body while also priming your body to overeat junk food later in the day, and storing ugly, unwanted fat, especially around your hips and midsection. Furthermore, this starvation protocol creates low levels of blood sugar which zaps your energy and leaves you feeling awfully sluggish the entire day.

Look- there’s always room for breakfast, you just need to make the time! Better yet, plan ahead. Prepare a breakfast high in lean protein and fiber, so you stay right on course.

One solution that’s worked really well for our clients is called PROGRADE LEAN   It’s a tasty, nutritious, meal replacement shake that contains a whopping 35 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber. What’s the best part about it? There’s NO room for excuses! All you need to do is put 2 scoops in water, mix, and enjoy. The Ultimate way for you to get all you need, for the busy mom who needs a good meal.

For more info, please click the link below:


Obstacle#2 – Failing To Make The Daily Workout Appointment

This one is simple, yet oh so powerful. Think about it- moms never miss an appointment for their kids. Why? It’s because they love them, and
stick to their appointments to keep their kids healthy.

Schedule your workouts and stick to them like they are a family obligation!

What would happen to your kids, if something went wrong with you? Do you really love your kids? If you did, then you’d also want to be religious about keep your appointments, especially the fitness ones. You’ll be just as religious with your appointments as with theirs because if you’re not healthy, in the long run you can’t keep them healthy either.

Scheduling is also important. You might like to workout in the afternoon, but with a very busy schedule, you’ll probably need to work out in the morning just like I do. This way the stresses of life do not get to you.

In my experience, most Moms work best when doing their workouts either first thing in the morning while the kids are still sleeping, or right after they drop their kids off at school. It seems that too many unexpected obstacles get in the way of an afternoon or evening workout for the typical mother. But, regardless of when the best time may be, just schedule it in and stick to it like it’s a family commitment!

Obstacle#3 – Too Much Mindless Snacking In The Kitchen During The Day

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a Mom who has “been following the nutrition plan” with limited success to later find out there were
some extra eats and treats in the mix. You know, I know what you’re talking about. It wasn’t that they were being dishonest about it- rather most people don’t count every snack, candy, or “piece” of food they eat (even if the piece ends up being an entire meal).

Think about it – how many people do you see randomly snacking? Now imagine how many times you have popped something in your mouth and haven’t logged it in and now you can see what’s going on. Right?

Many moms spend LOTS of time in the kitchen around tasty food all day- and they eat a lot more of it than they realize!

I know, I know- you have to sample the goods to know if it’s good. But, you need to understand that the occasional taste test can sabotage your fat loss goals.

Furthermore, moms get into trouble with the multiple snacks their children have, and of course it’s tough to pass on food when it’s always in your face. A couple goldfish here, a couple goldfish there, and before you know it you’ve just killed the entire bag of wonderful fishes sure to fatten your waistline.
My advice is to guard your mouth with lock and key. Ask yourself every time you bring something close to your lips the following question: “Will this help me burn fat and build muscle?”

If NO – then throw it away or leave it be, it just ain’t good for ya!

Obstacle#4 – Too Much Cardio While Pushing a Stroller

You need more time, since that’s not possible, then let’s make the way you use your time as efficient as possible. Interval training burns 9x more body fat than long and slow cardio for 45 minutes of your day. Aerobic training burns calories, but doesn’t increase your metabolism and burn fat as efficiently as interval training does. Also, the true power of interval training comes from the intensity of each work period.

Don’t get me wrong, moms should be active and it’s great to be outside and move with your kids. However, I wouldn’t want to see a bunch of moms hurling their child in their stroller, while the mom is trying to do a bunch of sprints. So hopefully you sacrifice some time for yourself, so you can run hard, and speed up your metabolism to burn all the fat you could ever imagine.

Honestly, how much intensity can your cardio workouts have when you are pushing a stroller?

Obstacle#5 – Too Many Glasses Of Wine In The Evening

Nobody wants to hear that a glass or two of wine at night is going to stop your fitness goals in its tracks. But alcohol is oh so bittersweet. It paralyzes the fat-burning process while at the same time creating fat within the body. Plus alcohol tends to lower inhibitions, meaning you don’t care about eating all that scrumptious junk food. Not good!

A couple glasses of wine per day is a your one-way ticket to cellulite city… sorry!

So I say “zip it” to all of those health experts who say: “consuming several glasses of wine a day is healthy because it has anti-oxidants and that keeps you from getting sick.” This is just a bunch of cheap talk from drunk doctors who are trying to convince themselves that it’s okay to drink regularly and keeps you healthy – it’s not by the way.

Fruit and veggies have more health and nutrition than all of the wine in the world, so we just need to cut the BS that wine is an integral part of a healthy diet and you need to start eating what really will get you to cut your waistline. Don’t forget, there’s always grapes.

Now, I want to be sensitive to those busy, hard-working moms who have a glass of wine at the end of the day to unwind and take some of the
load off of their shoulders, because I get that. But I also know there are easy ways to de-stress that don’t have such a negative effect on the way you look. Such activities are stretching, yoga, taking a bath, reading a book, etc.

So please remember – if you booze, you WON’T lose! (Fat that is!)

Got Stress? -Quick Tip To Beat It


Exercise is the number one thing that you can do to relieve daily stress. A good workout will get your mind off of your bills, your boss, and your endless responsibilities. It’s been said that if exercise were a drug it would be the most powerful medication on earth!

Stay focused,

Sarai D. Jones

Lessons I Learned From Oprah


February is the month that most people revert to their pre-New-Year’s-Resolution habits. Have you given up on your fitness goals yet?

"If you are looking for an excuse to fall off the wagon, the universe will provide one."

That was the lesson that Oprah shared in her recent confession about her ongoing struggle with weight. Oprah knows how it feels to fall off the fitness wagon; in the January issue of The Oprah Magazine she described her recent 40 pound weight gain.

Her testimony was filled with valuable insights for anyone else prone to relapse. There was a hidden cycle that I found in her story – one that exposes the process of falling off the wagon.

1) You Fall
Your fall off the wagon could take place in a single moment, or it could be the result of a drawn out process. Oprah described her fall as one that happened slowly as a result of health problems. These health problems became her reason for not exercising.

Illness, vacation, holidays, changes at work or any other change in your schedule are all things that’ll get you off the wagon. Once you’re off the real damage begins.

2) You Surrender
There comes a point after you fall off the wagon that you simply throw your hands up in the air and give in. For Oprah this was a dramatic moment. "I started eating whatever I wanted – and that’s never good. My drug of choice is food. I use food for the same reasons an addict uses drugs: to comfort, to soothe, to ease stress."

This is the most destructive part of the cycle. You remove all expectations from yourself and as a result you plummet into an unhealthy realm. The progress that you’ve made toward your goals is lost and even more weight is gained.

3) You Hit Bottom
Inevitably there comes the moment when you hit bottom. Your body shows the new weight gain and you feel awful about it. For Oprah it was a sobering moment. "I felt completely defeated. I thought, I give up. I give up. Fat wins." She went so far as to say, "I felt like a fat cow. I wanted to disappear."

While hitting bottom is never a fun experience, it is a necessary one. The pain must become great enough for you to turn it around and take the control back.

4) You Take Control
Now comes the good part. When you hit bottom you were out of control, now you’re ready to once again grab the reigns. Oprah says that "These days I’ve put myself back on my own priority list."

She plans to get an hour of exercise five or six days a week, as well as eating healthfully and reordering her life to include time to replenish her energy. Her new goal is to be strong and healthy and fit.

Have you fallen off your priority list, like Oprah fell off hers?

The time has come to put yourself back on that priority list. The time has come to decide that you are worth it.

I’m here to help you do just that. Email me today to get started on an exercise program that will change your body and your life…just like Oprah.

Stay focused,

Sarai D. Jones

A Bucket of Crabs


I published this article in my newsletter a few weeks ago. I got a lot of response from it so I thought I’d share it here. As you read it, think about all the crabs you may have in your own life, however subtle it may be………

Have you ever seen a bucket full of crabs? They pinch and pull as they struggle to climb over one another to reach the top of the bucket – to freedom.

Ask any fisherman and they’ll tell you that a bucket full of crabs doesn’t need a lid – they simply won’t escape.

Why? Well, it’s not impossible for a crab to climb to the top, and really if they worked together it would be quite easy. But crabs don’t work together…

Instinctively crabs pull each other down-literally.

When one crab breaks away from the pack, reaching its pinchers toward the top of the bucket, the others promptly grab onto the escapee’s leg, pulling him back down. That crab is then pushed to the bottom of the pile and his dream of freedom is crushed.

People have a way of acting just like a bucket of crabs. Have you ever decided on a personal goal only to have someone in your life talk you out of it?

Do you have crabs in your life? A crab is…

  • The person who discourages you from going to the gym
  • The person who scoffs when you mention your weight loss goals
  • The person who snickers when you choose salad over pizza

The crab mentality says "If I can’t have it, then neither can you." When you decide to do something different, to reach for a goal and to improve yourself, the crabs in your life will do their best to hold you back.

Keep Crabs at Bay:
When crabs come snapping, remember the following:

  1. Ignore them: When someone in your life begins to pull you down with discouraging words, remember that you don’t have to listen. Don’t let them get into your head. Mentally tune them out or politely remove yourself from the situation. Who are they to tell you what you can or can’t achieve?
  2. Understand them: Ouch! Insults and put-downs hurt, especially when they come from people that we care about. So what is the deal? Why do your friends, co-workers and even your spouse turn into crabs when you decide to improve your life? Do they really hope that you don’t succeed? The truth is that crabs are thinking about themselves-not about you. They see you attempting to better yourself and to change your life. Whether they realize it or not, this scares them. If you better yourself will you still like them? Or will you leave them behind?
  3. You hold the power: Even the most persuasive crab doesn’t hold a candle to your iron will. When you are ready to change, and you’ve made up your mind without an inkling of doubt, then 90% of the work is done. Your mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal-don’t let a wimpy crab rob it from you.

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? Don’t wait any longer. Join the ranks of my successful clients-schedule your first workout today.

And don’t let a single crab talk you out of it!

Stay Focused

Sarai Jones

Booty Boot Camp

Perfectly You


No, you are not perfect.

None of us are!

But you are perfectly YOU-unique with your own qualities and traits.

Learn to embrace and love your own unique style rather than obsessing over the things that aren’t perfect.

Sure you can and should always have goals of being better and making positive changes, but if you start at a place of acceptance and gratitude for who and what you already are, the journey will be much more enjoyable.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Always.

I’m here to help you from the outside – in.

Sarai Jones

Booty Boot Camp

It Happens To Us All


To my Elk Grove Booty Bootcamp girls:


Sarai here, I hope you are having a great day so far.

Good job this week ladies.

This is week 3 for the new ladies but it is week 11 for the veterans, way to go!

When I first made the decision that we would do 16 straight weeks of Booty Bootcamp until our end of the year break I knew you would all be excited to hear it, and you were. I also knew that as we drew closer to the end of that stretch you might start to grow weary.

Has this happened to you?

If it has, don’t beat yourself up, it’s normal. We all need a little break from time to time.

So, now that you’ve had a few days off and have gotten to sleep in a little, let’s get back to it.

This is often easier said than done, I know. There have been times when I have been away from my workouts for one reason or another and as the day approaches that I have set as my start date half of my mind is willing but the other half has gotten quite used to my sedentary lifestyle. I sometimes have to literally yell at myself (yes, it’s a little weird) to get my butt up and get moving. Once I do however, I never remember why I ever stop.

So this coming Monday, no matter what the little crab side of your brain is telling you, get up and come work out at Bootcamp.

There is absolutely no way you will regret it. I promise. I have never led you wrong before and I’m not now. Decide to make all 3 workouts next week and I promise you will be so glad you did.

Next week is a new week. All past fitness mistakes forgotten.

Have a great weekend ladies

Sarai Jones

Events next week:
Bring a friend week – Bring a friend to any class next week
Wednesday chat 5:30pm –Sugar addiction
Thursday/Friday- End of session game day with prizes!
Saturday workout November 22, 10am –Friends and family invited a well
Saturday also Mens bootcamp 11am