Your Strongest Muscle

Ever heard someone telling the story of how a pill, natural remedy or routine relieved their pain or healed an ailment?

But then someone usually says “that’s a placebo, it’s all in your head” but they say it like it’s a bad thing.

I see it differently.

I believe that if something can make you have such a strong mental connection to your body that you make physical or emotional changes for the better you should embrace it.

But the reverse is true as well. You can make yourself unwell with your mind or even cause yourself to fail at achieving your goals because of your mind.

Even when it comes to your goal of having a flat stomach or lifted butt.

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Try Sprint Intervals (Not What You Think)

Imagine that you are running a marathon and based on the way you’ve trained for this event at certain intervals you are going to pick up your pace for a specified period of time to get ahead faster, a sprint so to speak.

So you do your sprint and then you turn around and walk back to where you started…..wait huh?

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Sweaty Weekend Workout [Video]

I have a super sweaty new workout for you to try this weekend or the next time you need something you can do at home.

As I’ve mentioned before when I work out on my own at home or at my Sacramento boot camp studio I like to keep my move count to 3-5 most of the time and do about 5 rounds instead of lots of moves and only 3 rounds. Nothing is a hard and fast rule but 8 out of 10 times that’s my go to pattern.

For this workout all you need is a low step. You can go as low as mine in the video (6”) or higher. [Read more…]

Pop Squat and Skate -BodyWeight Workout (video)

Let me tell you about this workout….I headed to my studio to shoot the videos. And that’s all I think of it as; shooting a video, not a workout. I do all my takes, get the angles I want and head back to my home office. A few hours later I start getting a throbbing soreness in my glutes. It kept getting more and more intense until the next day I woke up and I wasn’t sure if I was sore or seriously injured. Truly, It was bad. And every bit of it deep down in my butt cheeks. Nowhere else. [Read more…]

3 Moves. One Killer Workout [Video]

I get asked a lot what I do for my own workouts.

I actually do a nice blend of our boot camp and Beast Mode Squad moves with one exception; When I am on my own I like to keep my workouts to 3-5 moves tops and I do lots of rounds vs lots of moves and just a few rounds each.

It’s not that it’s any better or more effective, it’s just that when I’m working out solo its tough enough to stay motivated. If I have to keep changing moves referring to my notes I would probably loose motivation and bail. Plus I often need them to be fast. And with minimal equipment switching and one-time setup I can usually do 5 rounds of just about any circuit in under 30 minutes. BOOM. Done.

So I keep it simple. A few moves I can remember and then I go!

This one is my new obsession cause it has three things I love: Step-ups, explosive movement and lots of sweat.

You can do this at the gym the next time you’re there or you can do it at home with just a box or chair and a pair of dumbbells.

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of months. You see a couple of months back I realized that I was still hanging on to some old destructive ways that were threatening to take me back to a place I have no desire to go to.

Those of you that know me know that when it comes to fitness progress and assessment the scale is not one of my go-to indicators.

For so many reasons the scale is pretty much no good when it comes to tracking how much you’ve progressed. All of the following can give you a skewed reading one way or the other:

  • What you’ve eaten in the last 24 hours
  • Your digestion – some of that food may still be in your digestion system. I’ll leave it at that…. [Read more…]

At Home Butt and Ab Workout [Video]

Today I’ve got a great, quick booty and Ab workout for you to get you ready for Butts and Guts that starts at Get StrongHer Monday September 15th.

We did it all without weights but you could definitely add some resistance to the first two moves.

Go heavier on those walking lunges and moderate on the jump squats to make it more of a strength workout. Add just a bit of resistance to both to keep it a metabolic cardio session that’s a bit tougher than bodyweight.

Remember the early bird discount for Butts and Guts goes away Saturday at 1pm so don’t forget to grab your spot right now.

Before I get toe the  video I’ll quickly give you the details:

This is NOT our boot camp program. While you will break a good sweat and feel this all over your body, these are special dedicated Glute (your booty) and Ab sessions focused on hitting your glutes from all three angles: Minimus, medius and maximus and those Abs.

 Date: September 15th –October 1st (3 weeks)
 Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 7:00 – 7:45pm
 Location: Get StrongHer Studio 45 Quinta Court Suite D

To lock in your spot Click Here

Okay, here is the link to the video Kim and I made:


3 Quick Ab Tips Plus Sneak Peak of Ab Annihilation (video)

Everyone loves to train abs! And tomorrow I am opening up early bird registration for our Ab Annihilation 21-Day program that starts Monday August 11th.

In fact Kim, a coach a Get StrongHer, is one of the reasons I decided to run this program. This girl LOVES to train abs and jumped at the chance to help develop and lead the 21-day program.

We made a short video of a quick ab workout you can do at home and it also has some of the moves we will be doing in Ab Annihilation.

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Check Out These Results

I’ve been on a motivation kick the last couple of weeks cause I know how easy it is to slide into a blahzay attitude about our fitness goals over the summer only to panic once fall hits and we gotta wear those jeans again. Yikes.

Plus it’s no fun to lose the SAME 10 pounds over and over again. Or to work up to doing toe push-ups or a max weight on a squat only to let that slide and have to work on getting it back. Starting over sucks in most cases.

Ultimately we always want to be improving. Getting better. Sometimes that means actually losing fat or gaining strength, sometimes that means sticking to a plan better than you have any summer before. Better is better.

Today I want to share some motivational pic of getting better. On June 28th we wrapped up our first ever Fierce For Photos 8-week transformation challenge with a professional photo shoot and these ladies look so good and confident I know it’ll motivate you to get in your training session today and the rest of the week!

Check them out and get motivated!

(excuse my blog/website it’s still under construction)

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Are You Lazy?

Ok so don’t get offended. I’m probably not talking about you, but I know a lot of lazy people.

21-day challenge at Sacramento gym for women

  • People who would rather have a root canal than go do a workout.
  • People who choose take-out over home cooked, every night of the week because it’s easier than cooking.
  • People who would rather spend time looking for that “magic pill” to and get instant results than put in the work.

Now let me be the first to raise my hand; I have lazy days for sure. [Read more…]