5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results

Ever wonder just how effective your fitness routine really is?
Quick test: Your results, or lack thereof.

If you feel that you are simply going through the motions then stop wondering about the effectiveness of your routine and start doing something new!

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So back to your current routine…. maybe you saw great results when you first started to exercise, but now those results have come to a screeching halt.

Want to know why?
It’s because you might be making these 5 common mistakes:

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Reason #1: You don’t make the decision to start!

Look there are always a million reasons/excuses for why right now is the not the right time. But news flash: that is the way it’s going to be FOREVER. There will NEVER be a perfect time. It really comes down to how much you want it. If you want results you have to commit and start. And today is better than tomorrow. DECIDE!

Reason #2: You’re Not Making the Most of Each Move: Compound movements should be the focus of your workouts. Gone are the days when you jump on the leg extension or Triceps press machines. working one small muscle at a time delivers inferior results and takes FOREVER.
Focus on: Deadlifts, weighted walking lunges, pull-ups, weighted squats

Reason #3: You’re exercising but you haven’t changed your eating habits. Nutrition is responsible for a large portion of the results you’ll see. Some say 70%, some 90% there is no scientific way to calculate the exact number but one thing that is for certain is that what you eat plays a HUGE roll in your success or failure.

Reason #4: You are not challenged: Just like hairstyles, exercise routines quickly become outdated. That is why the best routines are dynamic, and the worst routines never change (see: DVD’s). On a regular basis you should be pushed in your workouts, they should be progressive. More weight (when you can do so safely), more advanced progressions of moves, more reps, etc. There should be some consistency in what you do, but enough change to keep your body guessing.

Reason #5: You Don’t Keep it Intense: Let’s be honest, at one time or another you’ve spent time in the gym ‘exercising’ without ever breaking a sweat. Maybe you drifted from one machine to the next or joined an aerobics class for a few minutes, but the bottom line was that your heart wasn’t into it.  Workouts that lack intensity are practically a waste of time. Your body craves a challenge, and you see the most results when you keep your intensity high. Keep your workouts concise and push yourself with each exercise.

If your routine DOES includes all of the above then congratulations – you are doing it right. You challenge yourself and you’re seeing results.

However, if your routine doesn’t include the above, you now have the blueprints to do it right.

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