2014 Is The Year Of….

In 2014 I am going to talk to you a lot about getting stronger and getting faster.

In fact that is going to the focus of our work in our Sacramento fitness studio.

And if you are interested in losing fat and “toning” up then you’ll want to pay close attention because getting stronger and faster can make the fat loss and toning thing happen in a flash.

I know. I spent all of 2013 transforming myself and those are the main things I focused on.

You see I spent most of 2011 and 2012 doing squats to have a nice butt. Push-ups to have great arms. And I ran long distances to burn fat.

I stayed chubby.

In 2013 I was all about seeing exactly what I could do if I pushed myself out of my comfort zone.iStock_000015892697XSmall

I lifted heavier and took up sprinting.

I stepped on the scale about 4 times in the entire year. And each time I looked at the number and said “yeah, whatever, but I can deadlift a lot of weight!” I felt good. Real good.

I was excited about each workout and rarely missed because in each training session my goal was to get better. Even if it was just a little better. Better is better and I took and celebrated each victory, big and small.

The fat? It came off and I barely even had to focus on it.

The scale? Whatevs

So then I started to spread the message to my clients at Booty Boot Camp. The ladies could see what was happening to me so they bought in and started lifting heavier too.

Wowsers! Have we had some incredible transformations in 2013.

Then over the summer I started my absolute favorite program: Beast Mode Squad.

Twice a week we Beast-out and push some limits. The results are fantab and guess what?

No one is getting “Bulky” from lifting heavy.

I hope you know by now that’s bogus thinking. And if you don’t know, watch out cause I’m gonna prove it to you over and over again with success stories.

But before you step on that track with us on an early Sunday morning or step up to the Hex bar to deadlift. You need to do one thing.

It’s the only way you’ll ever be able to push your limits and get stronger and faster and thereby leaner and sculpted.

I don’t want this blog to be too long so I’ll be back over the weekend let you in on the one thing that has helped me go from 29% bodyfat to 17% and the one thing I see missing in so many women.